Terms and Conditions

- Detailing bookings are to be made at least 48 hours in advance, residential bookings are to be made at least 8 hours in advance. Bookings under these time frames may incur in additional cost, for more details please call us at (844) 421-3343
- A valid credit card is required to book services, all information is collected and stored behind third party provider secure networks.

- We will not disclose any of your personal information to anyone, under any circumstances, unless it is specifically required by a court of law.

- Cleaning Edge reserves the right to re-schedule / cancel any appointment at any given time due any particular reason as its representatives deems necessary, in case Cleaning Edge is to cancel a service, and no re-scheduling can be agreed on, then no monies will be charged or a refund will be issued to those applicable cases

- Re-schedules/cancellations by the client under a 12 hour period have a CAD $30.00 fee. Re-schedules by Cleaning Edge under a 12 hour period are free of charge to the client

- Re-schedules / cancellations approvals due to rainfall are to be made only by Cleaning Edge (only applicable to car detailing and residences without quick access/dry area)

- Minimum booking for any type of service must be equal to CAD $100.00 prior service, this will be added toward the service total.

- The client will be responsible of ensuring parking spot availability within 10 meters of the vehicle to detail, failure to do so might incur into time delays. Delays over 15 minutes due lack of parking spot availability will incur on a CAD $25 increase per each 15 minutes (only applicable to car detailing services)

- By booking exterior detailing services on-site, the client accepts and ensures that a suitable area for is available at location where residual cleaning compounds will not reach storm drains (grass/ground areas are accepted); otherwise service might refused and a $100 fee applied.

- Package pricing subject to service level agreement, organic fluids cleaning have an increased overhead cost for more details please call us at (844) 421-3343

- Detailing and Residential Package pricing is subject to a Maximum Service Limit (MSL). In case vehicle/residence filthiness requires additional time than the specified in the MSL then any additional time will be billed at a rate of $99.99 per hour. Table follows:

Residential Packages Maximum Service Time (In minutes) Maximum size (In Sq. Ft)
1 bedroom, 1 bathroom 110 800
1 bedroom, 1 & 1/2 bathrooms 125 850
1 bedroom, 2 bathrooms 125 900
2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom 140 1100
2 bedrooms, 1 & 1/2 bathrooms 140 1200
2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms 150 1400
Detailing Packages Maximum Service Time (In minutes)
Car - Exterior Wash 90
Car - Interior Wash 120
Car - Precision Wash 150
SUV/Truck/Van - Exterior Wash 120
SUV/Truck/Van - Interior Wash 150
SUV/Truck/Van - Precision Wash 200

-  In case of an outstanding requests not specified in the defined service level is made by the client then a $99.99 per hour rate will apply. This only applies to service packages.

-Regular On-demand cleaning services have an hourly rate of $25.00

- You hereby give permission to Cleaning Edge to take photographs of the vehicle/residence at any point while providing the service for the purpose of promotion, recording previous or current damages, ensure employee and general safety. You hereby release Cleaning Edge and any sponsoring organization from any and all claims arising out of use of any photographs taken during the contracted time-lapse.

- We won’t move any furniture unless it has pads and it has been emptied prior our representative’s arrival. Maximum limit of movable furniture is 5 items per package. Additional furniture movements might incur in increased work time.

- Cleaning Edge representatives might request you to sign a damage waiver clause in case of valuables and electronics are present. Cleaners might refuse to service certain areas without a damage waiver

- Cleaners will request permission to move certain objects from surfaces in order to deliver service expectation. The customer can request additional detail service for specific areas/surfaces this might incur in increased work time and damage waiver release.

- Service Add On's times not included in MSL, this are not time sensitive.
- Residential packages includes a commercial vacuum, no furniture/objects will be touched or moved.

- All services are limited to the London, Lambeth and Byron area. Out of area service are subject to commute fees.

- Services scheduled over the phone will not be confirmed until acceptance of this Terms and Conditions.

- Services scheduled on the phone can be paid on location prior the start of the services. Failure to provide/complete payment will result in your automatic forfeit of monies oaid to Cleaning EDGE.

- Detailing services only available during spring, summer and fall seasons

Exterior Detailing services, and, Precision services (exterior part) Specifics

Last updated: October 19, 2020

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