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Hi there! Thanks for checking the Commercial section of Cleaning EDGE Commercial services. This part of our website is still under development. But in the meantime, You can get in contact with us by filling the contact form below with your request

Some of our services include:

  • General vacuuming and moping
  • Surface brushing and wiping
  • Bathroom cleaning
  • Retail window cleaning
  • Commercial kitchen griddle cleaning
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Keep your ride clean without
leaving your garage!
 Fully Mobile car detailing

Professional, fully insured

Why cleaning EDGE

We aim to provide you with reliable, high quality and professional service; let us help your business focus in its core functions while leaving the cleaning to us!

Why cleaning edge?
  • We'll bring the products, equipment and manpower
  • Your schedule, your needs - fully adaptive service schedule
  • Quality is our standard, you'll be amazed with the results!
  • We are fully insured, so you can rest assured!



Complete sweeping services, ensure your floors look clean. We will clean any mess, no matter how hard it is!


Dirty grout lines and sticky residue is more common than you think, we will brush all those nasty things to ensure your floors and surfaces shine.

Window Cleaning

Who doesn't enjoy some sunlight? Well its hard to enjoy it when you have dirty windows, the only thing you can see are those stains. That is why we only aim for cristal clear windows.

Product on Us

We suppose you have seen a cleaning product aisle, between the variety and the price tags is probable you have spent more than what was budgeted. That is why we bring all the product needed to ensure the service is done right the first time.

Garbage Removal

Garbage smells and creates a nest for disgusting plagues, let our professionals handle your garbage problems. We will dispose in an eco-friendly manner any garbage or junk you need gone!

All Surface Clean

Dirt doesn't forgives anything, that's why we consider every angle, our professionals will clean all surfaces to ensure not only the floor shines.


Nobody knows where and how dust appears, but surely no one likes it. Complete dusting and co-web removal for the uttermost feelings of clean.


Sweep floors look nice, but nothing shines like a properly mopped floor; clean, protect and shine your floors.

Power Washer

Sometimes dirt and grim create these dark coat over walls, decks and floors, and the best way to leave all these surfaces sparkling clean is by power washing them.


Sometimes a sweep is not enough, specially when it comes to carpets. Our industrial grade vacuums will remove all kind of dirt and dust to leave your floors and carpets like new.

Carpet Stain Extractor

Although we take pride in our vacuum equipment, no vacuum is a match for carpet stains. We will brush and clean any type of stain and will make sure they are extracted from your carpets.

Carpet Steaming

No carpet service is complete without a complete steam sanitization and clean service. We guarantee you will not recognize your carpets after our steaming services.


NOW SERVING! - London, Lambeth, Byron, Komoka & Arva

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  • Do I have to provide water and electricity?

    No you don't. Our vehicle is equipped with plenty of water and a powerful generator to ensure even the tuff job gets done! In case you want to provide these utilities we can give you a discount on your next detail.

  • How can I schedule your services

    You can simply email or call us, our friendly representatives will provide you with any information you might require. You can also book and even pay online for our services.

  • Can I book your services 24/7?

    We work on the clock, our services can be scheduled to the time of your preference. Certain conditions apply to overnight bookings, please refer to http://www.cleaningedge.ca/terms-and-conditions.

  • In which locations can I book your services?

    We are currently servicing the city of London, Lambeth, Byron and Arva. In case you want to contract our services outside of these areas please contact us so we can provide you with an accurate quote.

  • What preparations do I have to take

    We only require that there is an available parking area within 10 meters of the desired vehicle to detail. Our vehicle detailers may arrive up to 15 minutes early to start all the preparations.

  • Do you have a cheaper package

    We can provide quotes on specific client requests, just send us an email with the desired service you have and our representatives will be in contact as soon as possible.