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If it was as easy to clean as it gets filthy... Leave all that hard work to us! We carry high quality equipment and products to ensure your house looks and smells just like its new!

Why cleaning edge?
  • We bring quality products and equipment to ensure your house leave everyone dazzle by its cleanliness!
  • Our professionals have plenty of experience and have been trained to focus even on the smallest of details.
  • Quality is our standard, you'll be amazed with the results!
  • We are fully insured, so you can rest assured!


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  • Do I need to move furniture?

    If you want to ensure 100% carpet/floor cleanliness we can move the furniture around. Certain limitations apply, please see our general terms and conditions.

  • Do I have to remove items from my fridge/freezer?

    In order to do a proper fridge/freezer cleaning we request that you arrange a storing solution for your food to ensure its taste and quality. If you do not need your fridge to be cleaned then there is no need to remove the food.

  • Can I book your services 24/7?

    We work on the clock, our services can be scheduled to the time of your preference. Certain conditions apply to overnight bookings, please refer to http://www.cleaningedge.ca/terms-and-conditions.

  • And what about insurance?

    Our cleaners are trained to ensure everything goes by the book. Still, you can rest assure as we are fully insured for any damages that may occur due unexpected accidents during our service

  • In which locations can I book your services?

    We are currently servicing the city of London, Lambeth, Byron and Arva. In case you want to contract our services outside of these areas please contact us so we can provide you with an accurate quote.

  • What preparations do I have to take?

    Store all breakable items from cleaning surfaces. Our cleaning professional will not remove any decorations or breakable valuables, therefore if you want something specific cleaned up please remove such items

  • And what about electronics?

    Our cleaning professionals want to ensure your electronics are preserved, we will not disconnect or move any electronics (exemption for appliances) we will not spray your electronics with water based cleaning agents.